Information Regarding the Medical English Project

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Learning English, for any specific purpose, can take time but not every person can afford to spend this precious time attending a course, or travelling to language centres. Students and those already working in the medical profession need to have access to local courses so that they can study in their own time and at their own pace.

When it comes to studying English for a specific purpose such as banking, marketing or tourism etc., there seems to be a wide choice of courses. However, the student or professional involved in the field of medicine has less choice. Many medical personnel - nurses, receptionists, social workers, porters, medics and doctors in non-English speaking countries, have little time to look around for a tailor-made course.

This project will provide them with another way of learning, or practising, the English that is associated with their place of work.

It is not the intention of this project to teach Medicine or medical terminology but to assist the practitioners and workers in that field to feel more confident when they have to communicate with English speaking co-workers and patients.

The speed of learning English in general will be greatly assisted since the course will be using the phrases and common words found in their environment and place of work.

The course will be in the form of workable units which users can access during breaks at work, relaxation time at home, computer labs at University or school or while travelling using a laptop and CD-ROM.

The course is being designed to cater for English from Lower Intermediate onwards and will offer animated dialogues taken from real situations located in hospital wards, clinics, pharmacies and doctors' surgeries. These will be backed up by grammar exercises and interactive language games and puzzles.

The project was started on 1st November 2001 and is well underway at this date. Research and Development will continue during 2003 and the full interactive site will be launched in November 2003.

We wish to thank the European Union - Leonardo Da Vinci Programme for making this Project possible and look forward to providing a useful tool for sustained learning.

Results of Survey - Quesionnaire carried out in March 2002
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