ISZTI was founded in1998 by 5 Hungarian companies. It is a public utility company. It operates a vocational training school. It's main profiles are:

  • To provide certificates for the underprivileged
  • To create a school for IT and Healthcare vocational studies
  • To promote adult education (retraining programs, teacher training programs, distance education etc.)


Outside veiw of school

The school has taken part in several projects, it closely cooperates with the Ministry of Public Health and other national innovational and educational centers, with health centers and medical institutions.

There are about 24 people in the administrative staff and about 80 lecturers, Both numbers have doubled since the last school year. Among the lecturers there are doctors, nurses, social workers, dentists, therapeutists, natural healers etc.

The In-service training schemes for nurses:

  • How to keep patients fit to avoid future illness
  • Basic nursing skills with outpatients
  • Looking after the old
  • Legal and ethical issues in our changing health care system
  • Rehabilitation and prevention
  • Traditional methods in the physiotherapy


The school also works with the local authorities providing in-service training and retraining programs


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