School cafeteria

School Cafeteria
The Escauelas Oficiales de Idiomas (state schools of language) are state run educational centers where adult learners can study modern languages. There are about 140 schools of language throughout Spain, mainly in big cities and towns. Large cities such as Madrid or Barcelona even have more than one. In Galicia, the region on the northwest coast of Spain (where Vigo is), there are 5 schools of language and Vigo's is the second biggest.

The school building

The School Building

Front entance

Front Entrance

The school itself is situated on the outskirts of Vigo, but has good transport facilities. The school has a library, a self access room, 2 language laboratories, and a concert hall. Classrooms are also provided with audiovisual equipment.


The ESCOLA OFICIAL DE IDIOMAS in Vigo started in 1988 with only 1 teachers and 400 students but nowadays the school has 56 teachers and 5,000 students, half of them studying English. Students can also study other modern languages: French, Italian, German, Portuguese and Galacian, the regional language of this part of Spain.





Although the profile of students attending this school in Vigo is largely varied, from young professionals to retired people, the average student is a woman in her early thirties who needs English for her job. There are however, a large number of university students who study a foreign language for academic purposes.


AV room

Audio Visual Room

The curriculum of the ESCOLA OFICIAL DE IDIOMAS is divided into 2 levels. The elementary level lasts 3 years (from true beginner to intermediate), and the advanced level lasts 2 more (from upper-intermediate to advanced). By the time students have finished the 5 years, they halved reached a level close to the Cambridge proficiency examination. Since it is a state run center, the certificate provided by the ESCOLA OFICIAL DE IDIOMAS is well recognised all over Spain and allows students to complete their studies and apply for several jobs.

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