Elanguest is part of the E.L.T. International group of specialist English language schools (Banbury, Oxford, U.K.)

The majority of our students who come for English courses, stay for two to four weeks. Most students are typically from Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway and most other countries in Europe. Frequently students attend English Language courses for three to six months or a year, changing to a higher level as they progress. Many of our English language students attend our Cambridge exam classes in Spring and Autumn.

Malta is an island in the Mediterranean, an independent country which was, until 1964, governed by Britain for 150 years. Malta's busy international airport deals with direct flights from nearly very country worldwide. In the past, the island was famous for its easy access from both Europe and the Middle East. Today it is even more accessable both by sea and air.






The School's Location in Malta, near the beach!

Elanguest has been set up in a prime site in St. Julians, right next to the sea, and all the island's main bus routes. The language school overlooks St.George's Road opposite the site of the New Hilton, and North coast. Because of this prime location, the Elanguest English language school can easily place students in accommodation with families, apartments or hotels


Malta has two official languages, English and Maltese. Because of the daily use of English on the island, students will find the opportunity to use English constantly in everyday situations. Malta has several local English-speaking radio stations and all three of the local T.V. stations have many hours of English-speaking programmes. There are at least nine English stations on cable T.V.

School Facilities, internet cafe, garden, ..

The main building is open all year round from 0900 to 1630. Facilities include fully air-conditioned class rooms, study areas, internet cafe and a roof garden. It is equipped with audio-visual aids and also has a video / T.V. room and library.

All course participants at Elanguest English language school are welcome to use our Video Lounge after lessons and choose from our selection of English Language films and documentaries. The study areas are free to be used for personal study after lessons. This is particularly helpful for students attending exam courses.

Our Approach to Teaching, it's all about you!!!

When you come to Elanguest, you'll notice something different - YOU! are the centre of attention. We know it's not always easy to learn a language, but it can be exciting when everyone is working at it together.

Our teachers regularly check your progress and discuss with their colleagues how to get the best out of you. With the help of good team-work, theirs AND yours, we aim for progress and a sense of achievement.

Accelerated learning techniques play some part in this as we incorporate selected exercises into our programme. You may not know exactly how this, or any other method we use, works. But why should you ? That's our problem. Leave the 'how' to us and relax in the knowledge that ..

"We mean business and our business is teaching English!"

You can view the officail Website at www.elanguest.com

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