Basingstoke is a town in North Hampshire, about 75 kilometres from central London. It is a 'new' town, which means it has been built largely since 1960, although there is an attractive older part. There are about 150,000 people living here but many thousands come in each day to work.
Around Basingstoke is a designated 'area of outstanding natural beauty', the North Hampshire Downs (or hills) which have many of the old-fashioned villages people think of as the 'real' England.
Winchester, the ancient capital of Wessex, where you can see King Arthur's Round Table, is 33 kilometres from Basingstoke, Oxford is 65 kilometres and Bath 100 kilometres. Heathrow airport is less than one hour's drive.
As a new town, Basingstoke has become the UK headquarters for many international companies, for instance, De La Rue, Sun Life of Canada, Winterthur Life, Wella, and an important regional centre for high technology: Sony, Motorola, IBM, and Compaq. Some famous British companies also have their headquarters here, e.g. the Automobile Association.





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Basingstoke College of Technology
Basingstoke College of Technology (BCOT) is a UK college of further education with 1750 full time students (mostly aged 16 - 18) and about 4,000 part time students (mostly aged 21+). General further education colleges in the UK are established to meet local needs for vocational training and so the programmes available at BCOT includes: Art & Design, Engineering, Construction, Catering, Business, Computing, Leisure and Tourism, Administration and Office Technology, Hairdressing and Beauty Therapy Languages and the Humanities, Animal Care and Science. BCOT is an affiliate of the University of Portsmouth
The College has consistently performed well in the government inspections that are held every four years. These inspection reports are available in full from the official website of the national agency responsible for further education


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One of our main aims of the college is to offer international experience to an increasing number of its students. BCOT encourages students to join programmes of work experience overseas and to take advantage of a Europe-wide job market. The college has been both a promoter and partner for many European funded projects and has particularly good links with schools and organisations in Finland, France, Portugal, Spain and Sweden.

In the UK, BCOT has several leading edge initiatives that are attracting national interest because they seek to involve many different agencies and tackle problems on a sub-regional scale. This is particularly the case for providing basic skills training for employees on the company premises and for a work related training programme to help school students aged 14 to 16 make the best choice of a career and stay in education once they reach school leaving age.

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